For the active immunisation of cattle, sheep and goats against Enterotoxaemia, Blackleg, Malignant Oedema (Gas Gangrene) and Pneumonic Pasteurellosis.

A vaccine for the prevention of diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoeiClostridium septicumPasteurella multocida types A and D and Mannheimia haemolytica.

Dosage: Cattle: 5 mL Sheep and goats: 2.5 mL

Pack size: 50 mL / 100 mL / 150 mL / 250 mL / 500 mL


Contains bacterines and toxoids of Clostridium and Pasteurella spp to meet the following potency values:

I.U.: International Units

A.U.: ELISA Units of Antibodies.

C. septicum:≥ 2.5 I.U.
C. chauvoei:Meets Ph Eur y CFR
P. multocida type A:≥ 10 A.U. / ml
P. multocida type D:≥ 10 A.U. / ml
M. haemolytica:≥ 10 A.U. / ml

Directions for use:

Inoculation route: Subcutaneous. Primary vaccination: Two doses with an interval of 4 – 6 weeks. Revaccination: One dose at intervals of not more than 12 months.

Storage conditions:

Vaccine should be kept at cold store (2 – 8ºC). Do not freeze. Protect from light.